What is a primate city?

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…1. A city overrun with monkeys 2. An ancient city 3. A disproportionately large city 4. A remote city
What is a primate city?

A disproportionately large city – No, it’s not a city run by apes… although that would be pretty interesting. A primate city is one that’s disproportionately large in relation to the other cities in a country or region. The term “primate city” was coined by geographer Mark Jefferson in 1939, who defined it as a city that’s at least twice the size of its closest rival and twice as important. Need an example? Take, for example, Bangkok. Thailand’s capital of 8.28 million people is substantially bigger than its second-largest city, Chiang Mai (131,000 people). Bangkok checks all the boxes. Not only is it the capital and political/economic center of the country, but when you think of Thailand, you think of Bangkok.:

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