What is Hawaii’s youngest island?

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…1. Maui 2. Hawai’i (Big Island) 3. Oahu 4. Moloka’i
What is Hawaii’s youngest island?

Hawai’i (Big Island) – The largest island in the Hawaiian chain is also its youngest. Hawai’i, also known as the “Big Island,” comprises more than half of the archipelago’s landmass, at 4,028 square miles, and is still growing! Although the island is by far the largest, the Big Island is home to only 14% of the state’s population — roughly 200,000 people. The island was formed over the course of a million years by six volcanoes, the largest of which is Mauna Loa, and the most active of which is Kīlauea. These two volcanoes, along with Hualālai, remain active, while the remaining three are dormant or inactive.:

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